RecRe on the Road: Georgia Tech

· by Phil Saunders

Considered one of the nation’s leading research universities, The Georgia Institute of Technology has taken their mission of advancing technology and improving human experience by bringing RecRe to their campus. Georgia Tech boasts an impressive student body with over 45,000 members across their Atlanta-based campus, along with distance and online learning. For more than 137 years, the Georgia Tech community has dared to imagine and then create solutions for a better future and RecRe is beyond excited to join in this innovative culture as we launch our automated technology in the John Lewis Student Center.

The new RecRe312 model on display in the Georgia Tech Graduate Lounge.

The Student Center on campus offers a variety of services, programs and spaces to serve the Georgia Tech community. RecRe is excited to be positioned in two prime spaces – Tech Rec and the Graduate Student Lounge. Tech Rec is a bustling recreational space boasting six bowling lanes, billiards tables and lots of seating for relaxing and hanging out with friends. A RecRe box is located right outside of the main space and allows for students to rent items for enjoying ping pong, cornhole and other outdoor games in their outdoor rec space.

On the third floor of the student center is the Graduate Student Lounge and our newest RecRe box design. This quiet, relaxing space is for graduate students to connect with one another in a relaxed environment. The RecRe box in the lounge offers a billiards set and various board games.

Our RecRe boxes are placed in the perfect locations to engage students right as they come through the door. One of which is right by their 3-court basketball space, filled exclusively with basketballs. We are thrilled to provide the equipment that members need to activate this one of a kind space!

During our trip to Atlanta, we went for dinner at The Southern Gentleman in Buckhead Village. It was excellent! I would especially recommend the hushpuppy appetizer. We give this spot a 10/10 and will definitely visit again in the future.

If you’re ready to join Georgia Tech in activating a campus student space, schedule a demo with one of our Campus Relations Managers. We would love to learn more about how we can improve engagement and operations for your campus.