Enable instant access to popular campus resources.

Enable instant access to popular campus resources.

Our rental solution makes it easy to lend, track, and measure the impact of items that boost engagement.

How it works

Black outline icons of RecRe rental inventory examples

Step 1

Campuses fill RecRe boxes with the items their students want and need.

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Step 2

Students scan the QR code to start a free rental on our mobile web app.

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Step 3

Admins easily manage rentals with our inventory management software.

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For campus spaces

Automated rental lockers

Our sleek metal lockers are a perfect addition to any campus space (even outdoors) with illuminating LED lights, tamper-proof glass windows, and built-in WiFi connectivity. Standard or customizable configurations available.

Mockup of RecRe rental management web app on desktop
For rental administrators

Inventory management software

Our software platform provides an intuitive interface for managing campus rentals. Administrators can easily track rentals and returns on any device from anywhere on campus, freeing up time for more important tasks.

Students' rental experience using RecRe mobile web app
For students

Mobile web app

With RecRe, students can browse and select items to rent, check their rental history, and get reminders—all without downloading an app. To start a rental, students simply scan a QR code on their phone and use their campus email for verification.

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