Autonomous Rental Management 24/7

Autonomous Rental Management 24/7

The RecRe box is a sustainable way to enable maximum student opportunity at minimum effort.

Innovative IoT Technology

Always on and ready for students.

RecRe boxes are connected 24/7. We have LTE and wifi options available.

Custom Rental Management Software

Endless inventory configurations

Our inventory management system and hardware are each inventory agnostic. You can can put whatever you want in the RecRe box, and it will take less than 30 seconds to modify the inventory on the web app.

Accountability and student verification

We offer campus email verification or Single Sign On authentication options. We aim to deliver a fast and secure experience to students while ensuring that RecRe is only available to verified students.

Quality control on each rental

Students must take a photo of the item back inside the box at the end of every rental. This lets you and your team have eyes into the quality of each piece of inventory that you can check from anywhere.

Manage inventory and rentals with ease

It’s your inventory, so you should control the rules of the rentals, right? We’ve built our inventory system to allow every piece of inventory to be rented out however long you want to make it available.

Safe and secure. No wifi required.

The RecRe web app is PCI compliant and does not require access to your campus wifi. RecRe is truly a turnkey solution for your inventory management.

Contactless, Intuitive, and Fast

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