Bring RecRe to your campus.

Bring RecRe to your campus.

Encourage your university to bring RecRe to campus for a more sustainable and engaging experience.

Benefits of using RecRe

Save Money

College is expensive and we know students are looking to save where they can. Why buy an expensive item like a movie projector when you could just rent it from the RecRe box?

Encourage Sustainability

Have you seen how much waste is generated when students move out of dorms? It’s a lot. By enabling students to share common items such as vacuum cleaners, RecRe aims to boost sustainability practices on campus.

Do more with less

Let’s face it – dorms are small spaces and they don’t leave much room for storage. With a RecRe box, you don’t need to own or store all of those fun games and lifestyle items in your dorm room.

What students are saying about RecRe

RecRe and its system has drastically improved student access to loanable technology like computers, calculators, and tablets for students, helping to lessen the financial burden college presents.

We at Auburn are deeply grateful to the RecRe team for helping improve the student experience on campus. It’s a valuable partnership we hope to continue for many years.

Jake Haston

President | Auburn Student Government Association

How do I bring RecRe to my campus?