RecRe on the Road: Hofstra University

· by Phil Saunders

Hofstra University, a picturesque campus peppered with beautiful statues and tucked just outside of New York City, has brought RecRe to its campus Student Center. Founded in 1935, Hofstra is a diverse and dynamic campus that serves just over 10,000 students with a wide variety of social, academic and cultural events throughout the year. With their goal of providing engagement opportunities, we are proud to enhance their Student Center with RecRe’s automated technology.

The Sondra and David S. Mack Student Center is a central hub of this campus. This focal point sits in the heart of campus and serves thousands of students every day. The Student Center houses HX Salon (a full-service salon for men and women), the Office of Event ManagementConference Services, and the Hofstra Game Room. Located just beside the Game Room is the Hofstra Pride Den, the perfect spot for a RecRe box.

Our RecRe box is placed in the perfect location to engage students as they come to the space to study or spend time with friends. We are thrilled to showcase inventory they will be able to use to showcase the Pride Den and the green space just outside.

If you’re ready to join Hofstra University in activating a student space, schedule a demo with one of our Campus Relations Managers. We would love to learn more about how we can improve engagement and operations for your campus.