RecRe on the Road: Wentworth Institute of Technology

· by Phil Saunders

RecRe is thrilled to announce its latest installation at the Wentworth Institute of Technology located in the heart of Boston, MA. Our state-of-the-art amenity will drive student engagement, activate space, and enable a self-service rental experience for Wentworth’s over 4,000 students.

We will be operating in the Flanagan Campus Center, located in Beatty Hall. The center is known as the heart of Wentworth’s campus, and is the perfect location for the RecRe automated rental platform. This building connects students to campus by providing a safe and inclusive space for study, socialization, education, relaxation, and expression of individual identities. Through our platform, students will have access to free items such as board games, outdoor games and more!

“We are excited to bring our innovative rental solution to Wentworth’s campus,” said Griffin Harrington, CEO of RecRe. “Our goal is to provide institutions like Wentworth with the tools they need to engage students in a modern and convenient way. This installation is a testament to our commitment to innovation and partnerships with forward thinking organizations such as  the Student Life team at Wentworth.”

If you would like to learn more about how RecRe is activating spaces across the nation, schedule a demo with one of our Campus Relations Managers. We look forward to sharing some of our success stories, but also learning about how we can benefit your community.