RecRe on the Road: Boise State University

· by Max Cannon

Boise State University, with an innovative culture from their mission to their turf, has brought RecRe to their Student Recreation Center. Boise State serves over 22,000 students with a heavy focus on Nursing, Medicine, and Business. With their goal of providing an innovative environment to prepare students for success, we are proud to enrich their Student Recreation Center with our automated technology.

The Student Recreation Center at Boise serves both students, faculty, staff, and community members in their quest for wellness and healthy living. This primary center right in the heart of campus serves thousands of members every day, and offers both traditional and unique amenities. They have a traditional weight room, exercise machines, and basketball courts. But they also sport a bouldering wall, outdoor adventure center, and new racquet sports.

Our RecRe boxes are placed in the perfect locations to engage students right as they come through the door. One of which is right by their 3-court basketball space, filled exclusively with basketballs. We are thrilled to provide the equipment that members need to activate this one of a kind space!

During our trip to Boise, we went for dinner at Eureka! based on a recommendation from our new friends. It was delicious. I would especially recommend the mac n’ cheese bites. We give Eureka! a 14/10 and will definitely visit again in the future.

If you’re ready to join Boise State in activating a campus recreation space, schedule a demo with one of our Campus Relations Managers. We would love to learn more about how we can improve engagement and operations for your campus.