Internship Recap with Marlon Cuevas

ยท by Marlon Cuevas

Hello, my name is Marlon Cuevas and recently I had the exciting opportunity to embark on an internship with RecRe, a dynamic company specializing in innovative lending technology at universities across the United States. Throughout my time at RecRe, I was entrusted with the task of researching and creating a referral program, also known as an ambassador program, to strengthen community ties and drive engagement. My RecRe internship provided the perfect opportunity for me to gain hands-on experience in marketing within different industries and among diverse audiences.

At RecRe, I had to mold from visionary grand opportunity into sustainable baby steps. From methodology, others say that this is a crawl, walk, run approach in marketing operations and program implementations. Additionally, there was an empathetic approach in creating an ambassador program that students can feel like they can walk away with. I was a college student just a year ago. Students are handed a lot of information daily and want the most out of where they put their time. In my time, I was a full-time student, had a part-time job for the College of Business, and was pursuing entrepreneurial goals. Time is always of the essence. I found my growth in these different applications something that I could bring to RecRe.

Impactful Marketing

Throughout my internship, I became increasingly interested in the concept of impactful marketing – the ability to create measurable and meaningful effects on businesses, customers, and communities. I learned the importance of employing lean marketing approaches, prioritizing pilot programs, and planning test runs to fine-tune marketing strategies for optimal results. This iterative process allowed me to gain valuable insights into what worked best for RecRe and adapt and refine our marketing initiatives accordingly. For example, our lean and agile approach to the ambassador program will foster genuine connections with college students, empowering them to elevate their university lifestyles and promote positive change on campuses nationwide.

During my time at RecRe, I realized the significance of effective and mindful communication, particularly when engaging college students for the mini-ambassador program. To truly resonate with this audience, it was crucial to be direct and concise in our messaging, considering the overwhelming amount of information they regularly encounter. 

As I delved into the internship, I recognized that community engagement lies at the heart of any successful marketing program. With a keen focus on creating an ambassador program that offered college students a stepping stone in their careers, we aimed to foster a sense of belonging and advocacy within the RecRe community. The power of word-of-mouth promotion and student-led initiatives played a pivotal role in cultivating a vibrant and connected RecRe community across various campuses.

I am happy that at the end of each week of the ambassador program, students will know the action items they can walk away with and share with their future employers as they step toward recreating recreation at their university with RecRe.

Thrilling Progress and Future Prospects

My time at RecRe has been an enriching journey of personal growth, mindful marketing, and community building. The internship reaffirmed the importance of impactful marketing initiatives and highlighted the significance of continuous learning and professional development in refining marketing strategies. As I look forward to future opportunities, I am immensely proud to be a fellow Duke at RecRe. I am excited about the many prospects that lie ahead for both myself and the company.

We’ve been impressed with Marlon from the moment he joined our team. His experience allowed him to tackle the task of creating an ambassador program and he delivered a product worthy of the RecRe brand. We look forward to cheering Marlon on as he continues to bring about bright, new ideas!

– Phil Saunders, RecRe Internship Coordinator

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