Internship Recap with Taylor McDonnell

ยท by Taylor McDonnell

During my 9-week internship at RecRe, I had the incredible opportunity to work as a data engineer under Page Wood. As an Intern, I had the privilege of working on multiple projects that helped me refine critical skills for my future career in the tech industry. My RecRe internship provided me access to numerous professional entrepreneurs who served as mentors and guides. Their expertise and guidance have played a vital role in my professional growth.

As a RecRe intern, I had the chance to engage in diverse responsibilities across the business. From leading customer meetings to assisting in sales calls, I gained hands-on experience in a wide range of areas. This exposure not only helped me identify my areas of interest but also provided me with a clearer understanding of my career aspirations.

Working remotely proved to be immensely beneficial, particularly as I navigated my academic studies alongside my internship.

My first significant project was utilizing Figma to create a high-fidelity UX/UX design for our backend web application. This project enhanced my design skills and deepened my understanding of the relationship between web design and analytics. Collaborating with my supervisor, Page, was an unforgettable experience as I received invaluable guidance and mentorship throughout the project. The RecRe team was always willing to answer any questions I had and help guide my project toward success.

In addition to the UI/UX project, I also had the opportunity to showcase my web analytics skills. My second major project involved setting up web analytics tracking through Google Tag Manager and Google Analytics. This encompassed implementing tracking codes, defining custom events, and creating dashboards to monitor key metrics, allowing me to gain hands-on experience and proficiency in web analytics.

Few people have the opportunity to work under a boss like Page, who not only served as a coach and mentor but also became a friend. I’m thrilled to stay in touch with the RecRe team and see the product to continue to assist colleges in automating their on-campus rentals. 

In conclusion, my 9-week internship at RecRe was an invaluable experience that allowed me to professionally apply my skills and knowledge. It gave me real-world experience, personal growth, and a deeper understanding of my passion for web design and analytics. I am immensely grateful for the opportunity to work on significant projects, learn from a supportive team, and contribute to the company’s success. This internship has undoubtedly set me on a path toward a successful web design and analytics career. I am excited to continue my journey, armed with the knowledge and experience gained from this transformative experience at RecRe.

Taylor made an incredible impact in his short time with RecRe. We’re grateful for his contributions and we’ll miss having him around. Taylor will make an excellent addition to any product team and we can’t wait to see where his career takes him!

– PAge Wood, RecRe Co-founder & CTO/COO

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