Internship Recap with Maddy Burgess

· by Maddy Burgess

Hello! I’m Maddy Burgess, and I recently wrapped up a fantastic internship with RecRe. As I prepare to enter my senior year at Elon University, where I’m pursuing a dual degree in Entrepreneurship and Music in the Liberal Arts, I look back on my experience at RecRe with immense gratitude. I worked as a Business Intern, involved in sales, marketing, and special projects. My connection with RecRe began in an unusual but exciting way through a Venture Capital Investment Competition at James Madison University. During the competition, Griffin and Page from RecRe impressed me with their passion and meticulous attention to their start-up. Their enthusiastic presentation, punctuated by their vibrant green velvet jackets, was infectious. A couple of months later, I decided to reach out to them on LinkedIn, which led to an interview and, eventually, the start of my 9-week internship. 

In my entrepreneurship classes at Elon University, we often discuss the concept of “value add” and the importance of higher-order thinking – using our unique “fairy dust” to transform tasks into something extraordinary. RecRe provided the perfect platform to practice this principle, pushing me to innovate and think beyond conventional. 

Initially, the thought of joining a small but mighty team at a startup was intimidating. However, my nerves quickly transformed into sheer excitement after the warm and enthusiastic interactions with Griffin and Phil during the interview process. Their infectious energy instantly reassured me that I was about to become part of a truly extraordinary team. 

RecRe’s all-remote team created a welcoming and supportive environment. Our weekly “Walk and Talks” were an absolute highlight – sessions where we brainstormed, no idea was off-limits, and innovation was encouraged. It was during one of these dynamic sessions that I proposed starting a TikTok account for RecRe – an idea that quickly evolved into me managing the company’s TikTok videos! 

My nine weeks were filled with varied tasks. I connected with over 180 contacts and added over 50 new companies to HubSpot for sales outreach. Despite being an intern, I managed to book five demos, which taught me the nuances of securing deals. Additionally, I helped with the post-production of the RecRe Roundtable and crafted “Meet the Team” blog posts, which allowed me to learn more about my coworkers and their roles within RecRe. The TikTok account I managed garnered over 10,000 views and reached an audience of 8,612 students, thanks to popular segments like “What NOT to bring to campus,” highlighting RecRe’s unique value proposition. Another key project was the student referral program. Set to launch this fall, I had the chance to work alongside another intern, Marlon, throughout the summer, which culminated in us presenting our work to the team. 

The team at RecRe was consistently supportive and welcoming. Luke shared invaluable tips for cold outreach; Max guided me with HubSpot and how to conduct demos, while Phil’s wisdom was always a guiding light. Phil’s mantra of meeting people where they are and having grace for others resonated deeply with me. Griffin and Page, with their vibrant leadership, were the cornerstones of the remarkable culture at RecRe. 

Looking back, I am awed by how much I have grown, both personally and professionally. I developed skills such as effective communication, adaptability, tech proficiency, and a deeper understanding of startup culture. But above all, I experience the joy of being a part of a team as passionate and dedicated as I am. Every day, I felt my impact and the immense value that I can bring to the table. I am tremendously grateful for the opportunity and am definitely leaving this internship a more knowledgeable and confident person than when I started. Thank you RecRe, for an unforgettable journey!

Right from the start, Maddy jumped into the work and culture of RecRe with passion and brought with her a fresh take on how we were reaching students. Maddy successfully completed and exceeded on every task thrown her way, and we can’t wait to see the bright path she forges ahead.

– Phil Saunders, RecRe Internship Coordinator

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