Internship Recap with Ryan Fields

· by Ryan Fields

My name is Ryan Fields, and I started my internship for RecRe in Finance & Sales on April 10th, during my last semester of senior year at the University of Georgia.  My friend and fellow intern, Taylor McDonnell, told me of an ‘interesting opportunity’ one day. Taylor had recently started an internship at RecRe and wanted to bring me onto the team knowing that I would be someone who could deliver. Truthfully, I didn’t have too many intentions of taking on another position before beginning my banking career after graduation, but as soon as I had the first interview, I knew the RecRe team was something special. 

Every person I talked to at RecRe was passionate about what they were working on, and it was obvious that RecRe was looking for other people who could deliver the same level of passion and energy. After my second interview, I knew I had found a team that would grow my business acumen, develop my self-directed capabilities, and help grow me into the person I’d like to be. With all of that said, I accepted the seven-week internship experience, as it is rare to find a group of individuals who are just as invested in growing you as they are about your contributions and ideas to the company.  

The onboarding process was both quick and thorough, and helped me become acquainted with the company’s software stack. An early outline was provided to me which outlined weekly deliverables. Each project assigned to me expanded upon the skills I had learned from the previous project. Every week attended a Sales Strategy Meeting, a Post week Sales Strategy Meeting, a Company “Walk and Talk” brainstorming session, and a Finance Project catchup with the CEO.  The natural progression of the sales internship enabled me to develop the ability to spot the needs of potential customers, and how the RecRe box could address those needs. 

As part of the development of my sales skills, I was able to successfully schedule a demo with the University of Georgia to discuss the implementation of the RecRe box at Intramural Fields and Athletic buildings.  Looking at Finance, my role consisted of producing tangible products that could be used by the team to further understand RecRe’s current financial standing.  Those products included an NPV Table comparing Leases and Sales, a Breakeven Calculation for Leases, a 3 to 5 Year Projection with changeable variables, and an ROI Calculator. 

Each of my internship projects challenged my existing knowledge of finance and the corresponding software tools. By putting myself in the way of formulas that I was not used to creating, I developed a new sense of confidence as I presented these projects and explained their utility. One of my favorite parts of creating these financial calculations was how the team was genuinely interested in my approach to solving the underlying issue. Each task that I had worked on had previously been considered or addressed by the team, so my unique approach to these tasks generated interest and provided true value.

While my time with RecRe was short, I enjoyed the trust and direction that the team bestowed upon me. It never felt at any moment that my ideas were diminished or regarded as less just because I was an intern. Every person on the team cares about what they do and what they produce; being around that environment inspires you to always give it your all, while making sure you deliver a quality product. I’m extremely thankful for the experience and I’m walking away a better person than when I stepped in. Thank you RecRe!

From our first interview with Ryan, our whole team was surprised and impressed with his professionalism, and maturity. Ryan successfully completed and exceeded on every task thrown his way, and we look forward to seeing him thrive out in the workforce.

– Griffin Harrington, RecRe Co-founder & CEO

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