RecRe on the Road: University of California - Berkeley

ยท by Phil Saunders

RecRe is officially nation-wide with the addition of our newest campus partner, the University of California – Berkeley. 

UC Berkeley is home to nearly 45,000 students and is located just across the bay from San Francisco. With over 1,200 student organizations, the campus is swirling with energy at every turn and the ASUC Student Union is in the heart of it all!

The RecRe team has been working with Ryan Adelman-Sessler, the Business Relations Manager at Berkeley to bring RecRe to campus. Students will now have access to board games, chargers and other student engagement items for free across three different boxes! We are absolutely thrilled to see RecRe boxes located on prime real estate on campus.

Everywhere you turn on campus, you notice the commitment to excellence and RecRe is proud to be part of that mission.

Interested in bringing RecRe to your campus in time for the fall semester? Schedule a demo today!