RecRe on the Road: Auburn University

· by Phil Saunders

Less than one year after our initial launch, we are excited to announce our first university expansion at Auburn University. 

A RecRe Box is now located inside Auburn's ACLC on campus.

Our team is stoked to share that we’ve added eight new RecRe boxes across Auburn’s campus in partnership with Student Affairs. The AU team, under the leadership of Taylor Dyleski, welcomed us with sweet Southern hospitality which made for a great couple days in Alabama. With over 31,000 students, Auburn’s campus boasts 427 buildings. And you can now find a RecRe box in seven of those buildings!

RecRe boxes have been strategically placed in a variety of buildings to offer free rentals to students. The Melton Student Center is now home to two of our units where students can check out anything from phone chargers to video gaming equipment. And right next door, in the Haley Center, students will be able to check out similar items. In an effort to better equip students in academic settings we installed units in Brown-Kople (Engineering), Lowder (Business) and ACLC (Academic Classroom and Laboratory Complex). These academic boxes will give students access to various types of charges, financial calculators and more! We also launched RecRe boxes in residential settings – The Village Dining Hall and Quad Laundry Room now offer students the chance to share items like games, chargers, a clothes steamer, an iron and other student life essentials. We are absolutely thrilled to be positioned in such prime locations across campus in order to increase student engagement within the places that students frequent most often.

Passion and spirit run deep at Auburn and we are honored to be a small part of the great things happening there. War Eagle!

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