Making eSports More Accessible On-Campus

· by Phil Saunders

In August 2022, in partnership with JMU XLabs, we deployed the first-ever RecRe ESports box. This custom box is housed in the ESports Arena on the campus of James Madison University and is stocked with various gaming systems and gaming tools.

JMU X-Labs officially launched its own competitive gaming program last spring. Adding the RecRe Box to their space allows students to access items 24/7 and furthers XLabs’ mission of creating an inviting and inclusive environment.

In our time at XLabs, we have seen great usage and feedback from students has shown that access to items 24/7 allows them to have a deeper connection to the space and the program as a whole. Having JMU XLabs as a RecRe partner is something we look forward to cultivating as we continue to find ways to enrich the student experience through automated technology. 

Make your on-campus ESports facility smarter and more accessible with RecRe in 2023!