Campus Success: Redefining Campus Recreation Inventory Management at Boise State University

· by Ben Michalak

Boise State University, like many other universities, faced significant challenges in managing its Student Recreation Center’s inventory. Issues such as equipment loss, damage, and accountability problems not only hindered operational efficiency but also led to staffing difficulties and increased student turnover. Seeking a solution to these persistent hurdles, Boise State turned to RecRe’s automated rental solution in August 2023, resulting in transformative improvements in inventory management and overall operational effectiveness. 

Box inside the Student Recreation Center at Boise State University

Increased peer engagement, use of campus recreation spaces, and rental accountability are some of the highlights of Boise State’s experience with RecRe. By addressing the longstanding challenges related to equipment loss, damage, and accountability, RecRe has not only enhanced operational efficiency but also contributed to increased staffing stability. 

Eden Huerta, a Member Services Coordinator at Boise State University, shares his experience working with RecRe and its impact on student staffing in campus recreation:

A big portion of our staff members’ responsibility was to check out pieces of equipment, and, oftentimes, their job ends up being waiting for somebody to turn in equipment. It created a low fulfillment job for student staff and didn’t offer a lot of staff development. Recently, we haven’t seen staff turnover during the semester, and even between semesters, it’s been minimal. It just goes to show you that their daily shifts are more fulfilling.

Eden Huerta, Member Services Coordinator, Boise State University

Boise State’s RecRe story demonstrates how adding automation to campus recreation centers can help streamline staffing issues and improve the health of your rental inventory. In addition to saving students potentially thousands of dollars on their own recreation equipment, RecRe has helped Boise State mitigate loss in Boise’s inventory. 

[Before RecRe], it just wasn’t feasible to have staff at all of our locations waiting to check out equipment. We actually pulled our outdoor equipment–footballs, soccer balls, frisbees–from use, so those are no longer available at our facility. Now, we’re able to have student supervisors take responsibility in overseeing [RecRe] rental systems. It’s one of the multiple aspects where automation can benefit the student staffing experience.

Eden Huerta, Member Services Coordinator, Boise State University

Boise State’s experience is a compelling example of how RecRe’s automated platform helps campus recreation professionals reimagine inventory management. To learn more about their about their implementation and view RecRe-enabled data insights, download the full case study.