Emory Invests in Furthering Student Access with RecRe.

· by Griffin Harrington

We’re excited to share that Emory University has expanded its partnership with RecRe by adding four more RecRe Boxes to its Student Center team, bringing the total to six boxes across two different buildings on campus. Among the new additions, two boxes have been placed in the new Cox Hall Identity Spaces on the third floor.

Emory was the first to adopt RecRe as a free rental platform, and their decision to invest further is a strong testament to the value and convenience that RecRe boxes bring to the campus community. Students now have more locations to easily access a variety of items, ranging from board games and electronics to other student activity-focused resources.

Thousands of Emory students have rented from RecRe boxes in the Student Center in the past 18 months, and we are thrilled to have the opportunity to extend our support on campus and support thousands more.

The RecRe boxes at Emory are designed to promote student interaction by offering a seamless way for students to engage with campus through the resources available in the boxes. Placed in the newly developed spaces by the Emory administration, these boxes help activate communal areas around campus, making them more inviting and functional for students.

The additional RecRe boxes increase the availability of resources and encourage students to come together, interact, and enjoy the communal spaces around campus. This expansion aligns well with our mission at RecRe to enhance student life by providing easy access to resources that can foster engagement and connections among students.

The trust and continued partnership with the team from Emory Campus Life have been critical for our team at RecRe to see how our free rental platform has fostered a more interactive and lively campus environment. We appreciate Emory’s commitment to improving the student experience and are thrilled to see how the expanded RecRe Box presence will contribute to a vibrant campus culture.