Meet the Team: Get to Know Jason Levy

· by Phil Saunders

At RecRe, we’re proud to be a team of diverse talents, backgrounds, and passions. Today, we’re introducing you to Jason Levy, RecRe’s newest Campus Relationship Manager, and exploring his impressive journey through the higher ed space and into RecRe.

Jason’s Journey to RecRe

When Jason Levy first stepped onto the campus of West Chester University as a 23-year-old freshman, it wasn’t just the beginning of his academic journey but the start of a lasting passion for higher education and student engagement. “Very quickly after I arrived on campus, I realized I loved being there, especially working and volunteering with other students,” Jason shared. Over time, Jason’s initial involvement with an on-campus job in the Student Union grew into a full-fledged career after he sought his master’s degree in higher education administration. Jason worked as a student union professional at universities—including Vanderbilt, UNC Charlotte, and Temple University—for more than 20 years. 

It was during his time in higher education that Jason crossed paths with RecRe co-founder and CEO Griffin Harrington.  As they got to know one another, it became clear that Jason’s vast network and understanding of the higher education landscape would be an exciting addition to the RecRe team. After leaving campus and working in association management, Jason officially joined the team as RecRe’s campus relations manager.

Jason’s Life Outside Work

Jason’s personal life blends past passions and current interests. A former DJ, Jason now fuels his passion for music in a side project co-owning a high-end car audio and electronic store. He indulges his passion for all things automotive by attending car shows and taking his motorcycle for a ride whenever he finds the time. And most of all, Jason enjoys spending quality time at home with his wife, Dayna, as they enjoy simple pleasures like cooking, watching “Jeopardy,” and witnessing the antics of their two cats.

As a lifelong learner, Jason also spends time seeking out meaningful content to fuel his personal and professional development. He’s an active member of three prominent professional associations and regularly engages with their magazines, blogs, newsletters, and social media content.

Jason also actively follows higher education change agents and technology thought leaders, often diving deep into blogs and discussions. LinkedIn plays a pivotal role in his learning process, offering a platform to observe newer practices. Jason also prioritizes building and nurturing his professional network, often connecting with forward-thinking individuals who offer fresh, innovative insights, especially those pioneering unique projects in areas closely aligned with campus life.

The RecRe Experience

Jason’s unique blend of skills and innate personal qualities make him an exceptional fit for RecRe’s sales team. He has always been technically savvy, a trait that’s helped him continuously evolve and adapt in an era dominated by technology. “I’ve always been a computer guy,” Jason notes, “always intrigued by how technology can be meaningful in our daily lives.”

It’s partially because he’s so technically inclined that Jason was initially drawn to RecRe. He views RecRe’s automated rental solution not just as a product but as an avenue for transformation, and he appreciates that his new role allows him to be an advocate for innovation in the ever-evolving higher education space. 

In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, many educational institutions are re-evaluating operational imperatives and initiating much-needed change on their campuses. Jason sees this shift as opening the door for more entrepreneurial, dynamic approaches to programs and services. As Jason commented, “Campuses are looking at things in a new and different way.” This innovative mindset aligns perfectly with RecRe’s vision and ethos, making this a key moment for the brand in an evolving academic environment.

Favorite Memory at RecRe

One memory that stands out vividly to Jason is from a NACAS annual conference where the RecRe team showcased their distinct branding: sporting vibrant green jackets. The jackets not only caught attendee attention but added symbolic relevance, as one of the NACAS accent colors is a similar shade of green. This innovative branding left an impression, making it clear that one must present something unique to leave a lasting impression. The RecRe team, especially with Griffin and Page at the forefront, succeeded in doing just that. Jason and others at the event recognized the power of such a distinct branding choice, with the jackets becoming a memorable hallmark of the event.