Meet the Team: Get to Know Luke Martin

· by Maddy Burgess

At RecRe, we’re proud to be a team of diverse talents, backgrounds, and passions. Today, we’re hearing from the newest member of the team Luke Martin, RecRe’s resident Deployment Tech.

Luke’s Journey to RecRe

Luke’s professional journey is marked by a combination of practical skills and an ongoing curiosity that eventually led him to RecRe. For two years after graduating, Luke worked at a bike shop as a mechanic and in sales. While he valued this experience, Luke recognized the need to move beyond his comfort zone and apply his skills in a broader context. He reached out to contacts, including a roommate who was in touch with Phil, the Hardware & Logistics Manager of RecRe. After several interviews and a successful mini-project later, Luke joined RecRe at a moment when he was looking for a new challenge and was excited about the possibility of remote work and travel.

Luke’s Life Outside Work

An outdoor enthusiast at heart, Luke spends his free time pursuing hobbies like mountain biking, off-roading, and camping. His love for the outdoors has been a lifelong passion, extending to activities like fishing and hiking.

The RecRe Experience

Luke’s current position at RecRe is Deployment Technician, where he reports to Phil. The aspects that he finds most appealing are the flexibility that comes with remote work and the opportunity to travel. However, transitioning from a laid-back bike shop culture to a more professional environment has been a challenge. The learning curve is steep, but Luke stays relevant by keeping an eye on university development projects and using LinkedIn for industry news.

Staying Relevant

In terms of skills, Luke’s background in sales and a mechanic has been instrumental in securing his role at RecRe. His experience in customer communication and working with his hands has translated well into his current work. Despite this, selling RecRe products has proven more challenging than bike items, demonstrating the nuances of different sales environments. Luke believes that relationship building, mastering hardware logistics, and embracing the art of travel are essential for future success in the industry.

Impact of the COVID Pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic significantly altered Luke’s work environment. He had to adapt to selling through windows, handling credit cards with gloves, and managing demand surges as people stuck at home took up cycling. Despite these challenges, Luke showed resilience and adaptability; key traits that helped him navigate the uncertainties brought on by the pandemic. He even notes, “The bike shop still has extra stock in items they had to order during the pandemic when anticipating a surge in sales”.

The Role of AI

While Luke uses AI tools like Grammarly, he maintains a cautious outlook on the increasing automation of jobs. He can envision AI taking over tasks like cold outreach, but he has reservations about the potential loss of human touch in sales and marketing. To Luke, the use of AI should be balanced with human interaction, and he advises against allowing technology to replace personal jobs entirely.

Favorite Memory at RecRe

Reflecting on his time at RecRe, Luke fondly remembers dinner with Taylor from Auburn. The 2-hour dinner at a high-end restaurant allowed them to bond on a personal level, emphasizing to Luke the importance of building genuine relationships and friendships with clients. This moment, his first-ever business dinner stands as his favorite memory of his journey with RecRe thus far.