Meet the Team: Get to Know Max Cannon

· by Maddy Burgess

We’re proud to be a team of diverse talents, backgrounds, and passions here at RecRe. Today, we bring you a conversation with Max Cannon, our Campus Relations Manager, where we dive into his journey, his thoughts on work, and the moments that have made his time at RecRe special. 

Max’s Journey to RecRe

Before joining our team, Max ran a math learning center for Mathnasium. A move brought about an opportunity to shift paths when a friend invited him to offer firmware support. This chance encounter led him to join RecRe as a consultant for electronics support at the request of Page and Griffin. Max’s career started in the electrical engineering field after studying physics. His shift into a customer-facing role was unexpected, but he quickly picked up sales and customer service skills. He believes that his ability to sell his strengths and understand the needs of a company has helped him in his past and current roles. 

Max’s Life Outside Work

Max is an avid outdoor enthusiast who loves camping and hiking. His favorite annual event? A 90-mile canoe race. Anything outdoors, he’s up for it. 

The RecRe Experience

Max works closely with Griffin on the sales and business development side and with Page for firmware and tech improvements. When asked what he finds appealing about his role, he emphasizes the flexibility to undertake any task and the opportunity to do high-value work. “It gives you a sense of ownership when you take on new things,” Max adds. A significant challenge for Max is understanding the logistical side of the market. Although he has an exceptional grasp of the customer and university client, grasping their processes can be tricky. “Understanding the university and college timeline is key,” he mentions. 

Staying Relevant

To stay ahead of industry news, Max follows tech leaders in higher education on LinkedIn while also keeping in touch with higher education professionals and campus recreation. Looking ahead, Max sees the ability to forge high-power connections and stay updated with modern trends as vital qualifications in the higher ed and tech industry, respectively. 

Impact of the COVID Pandemic

During Max’s previous role, the pandemic led to the development of a new product line at Mathnasium, accommodating the new normal of online education. “It’s all about understanding the modern student and their expectations, which have dramatically changed,” Max says. Max is all about serving students what they want, when they want it, and is eager to find how to offer solutions. 

The Role of AI

Max sees potential in AI for more “big dreaming” type tasks and brainstorming instead of mundane work. He believes that AI wouldn’t displace roles within RecRe, but rather redefine them. He is optimistic about using AI to augment his capabilities, such as taking notes on conversations to be more present and organizing his day more efficiently. For RecRe’s mission, Max sees AI as a tool that could potentially revolutionize offerings. “The tools are evolving as fast or faster than we are,” he remarks. 

Favorite Memory at RecRe

One of Max’s favorite memories at RecRe is a road trip with Phil. The 16-hour drive in a rental truck down southeast resulted in quality time spent strategizing and making memories. He hopes for more opportunities like this in the future. 

Max’s story is a testament to the diverse backgrounds and unique journeys that make up the team at RecRe. Stay tuned for more Meet the Team insights, where we spotlight the individuals who make RecRe the dynamic and evolving company it is today.