2022 - 2023 Academic Year in Review

· by Griffin Harrington

June has arrived and so has the end of the school year. That means it’s time for our first annual RecRe Report Card. Let’s take a look at how RecRe performed on campuses over the 2022-2023 academic year.

Over 1,000,000 Minutes of RecRe Rentals

Yes, we’re talking seven figures. Students logged over 1 million minutes of rental usage on the RecRe platform between August 2022, and May 2023. We’re thrilled by this stat alone. Now let’s dive into some of the fascinating usage trends that we’ve uncovered.

Inventory Rentals: A Closer Look

When it comes to uncovering product usage trends, it’s all about looking at different box locations. Let’s take a look at some of the most popular products across key RecRe box locations across campuses.

Student Union

Student Unions are spaces meant to be activated, and RecRe has met that need in a big way. Below are the three most popular items rented out from RecRe boxes in Unions throughout the 2022-2023 academic year.

  • Catan
  • Billiards Sets
  • ESports Gear

Each time Catan is rented out, four students are playing that tabletop board game together and making friends (or as Catan would say, alliances) along the way. We found that Catan was rented out for an average of 3.41 hours at a time. Second up is the billiards set, which saw an average rental duration of 1.05 hours.

Recreation Centers

  • Spikeball
  • Basketball

Spikeball is a two+ player game that was a big hit on campuses this year. We found that Spikeball sets were rented out for an average of 3.8 hours at a time. That’s a full afternoon of student engagement!

Residence Halls

  • Vacuums
  • Cleaning Supplies
  • Movie Projector

Vacuums were the big hit in Residence Halls this year, with an average rental duration of 0.94 hours. We also found that Sunday was the most popular day for Vacuum rentals. It seems to us that students take their time when cleaning after an action packed weekend. 

Weekday Vs. Weekend Rentals

Student Engagement during weekdays versus weekend days

One of the most interesting stats we looked at was the breakdown of weekday vs. weekend rentals. We found that almost 45% of our total rentals occur on the weekends. This pattern suggests that our customers are more likely to rent items for their weekend activities, highlighting the importance of keeping our inventory prepared for the surge of orders that come in on Fridays and Saturdays. That also leads us to believe that RecRe can be a powerful tool for keeping students engaged, and out of trouble on the weekends.

Returning Users and Top Renters

We found that a significant portion of our users are repeat renters. About 50% of our student renters have rented from a box on campus at least twice, and almost 20% of our customers have rented from a RecRe box five or more times. It’s clear that once students experience our easy and seamless rental process, they’re likely to come back for more. We’re incredibly thankful for our student users, and we look forward to providing them with a reliable, and consistent rental service. 

Time Spent on the RecRe Web App

It takes a student about one minute to register to use RecRe, and under 30 seconds to rent or return an item once they have signed up. We know students value their time and have zero patience for slow, outdated systems. We have designed our user experience with the typical 2023 students in mind, and our campus partners appreciate that.

“Very convenient to use. The process is seamless after you finish creating your account.”

– Anonymous RecRe Renter

Rentals by Time of Year and Feedback

Although we haven’t shared the specifics in this blog post, we’ve been tracking rentals by time of year in an effort to identify peak seasons and popular items during those periods. We use this information to make inventory recommendations to our university partners, and to let them know when to expect surges in rentals.

In terms of feedback, we’ve received responses from 7% of our users at the end of their rental experience. While this might seem like a small percentage, it still provides a wealth of information about our service quality. This feedback loop has been an important way for our campus partners to stay in tune with how students are using their RecRe inventory, and what students want to see next.

“Awesome product, coincidentally met a RecRe representative and they were very friendly and informative.”

– Anonymous RecRe Renter

2022 – 2023 Wrapped

Our goal at RecRe is to provide an efficient, seamless rental experience for all our campus partners and their students. By analyzing these trends and data, we’re able to better understand campus needs and preferences, allowing us to continually improve our service. Whether your students are board game enthusiasts, outdoor adventurers, or in need of a quick cleaning supply rental, we’re here to make your rental process easy and convenient. 

What RecRe has allowed institutions to do is to maximize the utilization of student life spaces for their intended purpose: student engagement. Students can use recreation and gaming equipment as well as campus programming supplies in ways that reduce staffing needs, increase resource usage, and maintain student accountability. Institutions feel more comfortable loaning out high-cost equipment in ways that improve institutional equity as well.

The RecRe team is easy to work with, extremely open to feature requests, and true partners in increasing student engagement and campus affinity.

Benjamin Perlman

Assistant Vice President, Student Engagement | St. Louis University