What is RecRe?

RecRe rental lockers are stocked with stuff college students, summer interns, or recent grads love, want & need. With RecRe, you don’t have to go out and buy stuff you’re only gonna use a couple times. Save your money & rent with RecRe.

RecRe Box Icon

24/7 Access

The RecRe box will be ready for you all day & all night. Rent whatever you want, whenever you want.

RecRe Gear Icon

Gear You Pick

You & your residence hall will vote for the inventory we bring to your box. Make your voice heard, and pick what you want to use!

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Affordable & Fast

Rentals with RecRe are fast & easy. Just scan the QR code of the box & rent through your mobile browers. Rentals start at just $1 an hour.

Tell us what you want!

We want to hear from you about what you would like to see in the RecRe box!

What items do you want to rent from RecRe in the lobby of your building? Feel free to select up to 5.
Each item would have an hourly rental price that is reflective of its value & expected lifespan. For example, a vacuum would be priced at $6 an hour to rent, while a basketball would be $2 an hour to rent.
Would you pay $20 a month to subscribe to RecRe & have unlimited rentals of any available inventory in the box for up to 4 hours free per rental?