What is RecRe?

RecRe rental lockers are stocked with stuff college students want & need. With RecRe, you dont have to go out and buy stuff you’re only gonna use a couple times. Save your money & rent with RecRe.

RecRe Box Icon

24/7 Access

The RecRe box will be ready for you all day & all night. Rent whatever you want, whenever you want.

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Gear You Pick

You & your dorm will vote for the inventory we bring to your box. Make your voice heard, and pick what you want to use!

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Affordable & Fast

Rentals with RecRe are fast & easy. Just scan the QR code of the box & rent through your mobile browers. Rentals start at just $1 an hour.

Tell us what you want!

We want to hear from you about what you would like to see in the RecRe box!