About RecRe

Our Story

The initial idea for RecRe came from our Co-Founder, Griffin. Griffin was riding a rented bicycle through NYC in December of 2020 and found himself wishing that he could do the same thing, but for other sporting goods.

Griffin then teamed up with an old classmate, Page Wood, to bring the idea to life. The initial plan was to place autonomous rental boxes in public parks, but the team pivoted to providing the rental platform to college campuses after extensive market research.

Our Vision

We believe that RecRe can dramatically improve the on-campus experience by enabling convenient and inclusive access to whatever students love want or need on campus. Our “inventory agnostic” approach allows our campus partners to provide a highly curated and custom amenity to their student body, while utilizing the RecRe platform and analytics. We have big ambitions for RecRe, and we plan to improve the on-campus experience around the world.

Our History

February 2021

Griffin and Page reconnect for the first time in 9 years and talk about how there should be “a bike-share type concept for basketballs and tennis rackets in public parks.”

Our History

October 2021

The first RecRe box is launched at an off-campus apartment complex in Harrisonburg, Virginia. This was a collaboration between Griffin, Page, and two additional JMU alumni. Page built the original web app, Nick Sipes worked on the first electronics, and Chris Ashley built the first box.

Our History

February 2022

JMU Residence Life agrees to a trial partnership which enables RecRe’s first on-campus rental box. JMU students are given the chance the rent items they don’t need to own for just a few dollars an hour.

Our History

April 2022

Emory University enables RecRe’s first “free to student” boxes. Two RecRe boxes are deployed on the first floor of the Student Center, and immediately adopted by the students.

Our History

August 2022

Auburn University brings RecRe on campus with the first multi-department campus deployment. Auburn’s RecRe boxes can be found in a Residence hall, Student Union and Academic buildings.

Our History

2023 and beyond

We are building a more accessible, and more efficient amenity for colleges campuses around the country. RecRe will deploy thousands of boxes and enable millions of students to enjoy a more sustainable and engaging campus experience.

Partners and Investors

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