RecRe on the Road: University of Cincinnati

· by Phil Saunders

Mother Nature thought she could slow us down during our first deployment of 2023, but the RecRe team was on a mission. To kick off the year, we launched a pilot program on the campus of the University of Cincinnati. Assistant Director of Housing, Facilities Operations, Michelle Sujka, served as our point-of-contact for deploying two boxes on their main campus – one in Turner Hall and one in Dabney Hall, both residence halls.

This partnership will serve as a great test case as we gather usage data in two different residence hall styles while also meeting the need to streamline their current rental checkout process.

“Our experience with RecRe has been very good. Lots of great communication and patience as we work through a couple of speed bumps. The team did a great job of expressing what was needed from the UC team both ahead of the install and on the day of install. They did a great job with the training on-site. We are excited to work with RecRe!”

Michelle Sujka – Assistant Director of Housing, Facility Operations · University of Cincinnati

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