RecRe on the Road: University of South Alabama

· by Phil Saunders

Coming off of a bountiful Thanksgiving weekend, spirits were high as we were welcomed onto the campus of the University of South Alabama in late November. Director of Housing, Jeremy Sheffield, spearheaded the project of bringing RecRe to USA, including two boxes – one in Camellia Hall (Residence Hall) and one in the Student Center.

“Our experience with RecRe has been fantastic. Students have been able to take advantage of renting games and equipment outside of regular desk operating hours. Previously, students were only able to rent items between 8am-8pm. We have seen significant usage of items between 8pm and midnight.”

Jeremy Sheffield

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 In the short time that we have been present on campus, we’ve already seen incredible usage. Within the first 72 hours there were 40+ hours of rentals! And that number has continued to grow, reaching 124 hours between the two boxes, with some popular items being a Billiards Set, Collapsible Cart, I Should Have Known That! Trivia Game, Uno and a Phone Charger.

The addition of RecRe boxes to the South Alabama campus has allowed both Residence Life & Student Affairs to increase student engagement in an exciting new way. We can’t wait to see how students continue to respond and what ways RecRe can continue to meet their needs.