RecRe and James Madison University

· by Griffin Harrington

RecRe is very excited to announce our first university partner, James Madison University. 

RecRe secured a partnership with JMU’s Residence Life and agreed to bring two boxes onto campus this spring to introduce this new innovation to Harrisonburg. The Residence Life team sent out emails to all the residents of Eagle Hall and Paul Jennings Hall before RecRe boxes were installed in their first-year dorms, asking the students what items they thought should be in the RecRe boxes. 

These two boxes are really important steps in the growth of RecRe. We believe RecRe can be a great way to improve the student experience on campus and be a valued revenue-generating amenity for the University. RecRe can be many things, but we see RecRe as a valuable sustainability and convenience campus amenity. 

Students have access to a wide range of inventory through our RecRe boxes on campus. They have asked for vacuums, game systems, clothing steamers, sporting gear, board games, and more. Students can access the RecRe 24/7, and rental access starts as low as $1 an hour. RecRe has anything a student might want or need, even just for a couple of minutes at a time. 

We are thrilled to report that students have adopted these boxes, even just in the first few weeks of being operational. We are seeing encouraging usage, which is above our expected projections. 

We are looking forward to bringing more on-campus & off-campus partners. If you want a RecRe box for your students, say hi!

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